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A Little Bit Plaid, A Little Bit Paisley – A Timeless Look

A Little Bit Plaid, A Little Bit Paisley – A Timeless Look

Have you checked out Big & Tall lately? This handpicked clothing set showcases one of Nic’s Toggery’s fresh yet classic Big & Tall looks, representing our dedication to combining both style and fit. The Michael Kors Non-Iron dress shirt, matched with the plaid Jack Victor jacket, give the perfect combination of clean and creative, perfect for a day at work or a fancy night out with friends.

 The Nic’s Toggery brand paisley tie adds a colorful and unique twist to the look. It is what helps make this look stand out, creating a perfect blend of modern and classic. Our brand-name ties are crafted to perfection, and are a quality accessory you know you can count on.

 Giving the edges of this look a bold and sophisticated feel, the Carlotti black socks and Remo Tulliani black belt, paired with the black Johnston & Murphy shoes, create definition and sharpness. This is a look that every big and tall gentleman can feel crisp and sharp in.

Michael Kors Soft Blue Non-Iron dress shirt - $98

Santorelli Medium Grey pants - $185

Jack Victor Jacket - $595

Johnston & Murphy shoes – $150

Remo Tulliani belt - $85

Nic's Toggery tie - $65

Carlotti Black Mid Calf socks - $12

 Total - $1,190

Purchase this complete look and you will receive 10% off of your purchase while available.

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