Spring Inventory has Arrived to Nic's Toggery

Spring Inventory has Arrived to Nic's Toggery

Spring Arrivals Popping Up Now


Check Out What Coach Fisher is Sporting

Check Out What Coach Fisher is Sporting

During a recent interview, Coach Fisher sported his new Canali suit from Nic's Toggery. 
When you look great, you play great. Congratulations on 23 wins in a row!
You too can wear a Canali suit and other fine suits from Nic's Toggery, **now $100 off.**
(Promotion ends Saturday, Nov. 1st.)
Go Noles!

T.G.I.(Casual)F. at Nic’s Toggery!

T.G.I.(Casual)F. at Nic’s Toggery!

Even the sharpest of men sometimes need to tone it down a bit. We understand that looking savvy is a big part of any Nic’s Toggery customer’s wardrobe, but sometimes it’s okay to make it a little casual. That is why we have this business casual look that is perfect for that sharp and dedicated businessman who loves not only style and fit, but comfort and creativity as well. The fitted Hugo Boss jacket and plaid button-up is a perfect combination of relaxed and tailored, which really encompasses the term “business casual.”

Being business casual is all about having a contrast in looks. The Hugo Boss paisley tie and Banana black pocket square provide a fun addition to the look, while the Marcoliani socks and Martin Dingman belt keep the look classic and sleek. To top it off, the Magnanni congnac shoes add a unique and colorful twist to a classic style shoe. The various patterns involved in many of these garments are what we really help this stand out as a fun and casual, yet professional look.

Hugo Boss Gray/Charcoal jacket and pants set - $795

 Banana Blank hand rolled blue pocket square - $38

 Hugo Boss Blue paisely Tie - $95

 Hugo Boss blue, plaid button-up - $125

 Martin Dingman Countrywear belt - $85

 Marcoliani Milano blue over the calf socks - $35

 Magnanni italian Leather cognac shoes - $325

 Total - $1,498

 Purchase this complete look and you will receive 10% off of your purchase while available.

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